Anyone in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA Area?

Anyone in the Greater Pittsburgh, PA Area?

I am just creating this post and thread to see if anyone is in the Greater Pittsburgh or Latrobe Area in southwest PA. I have used FCC alot in the past and have just recently graudated from grad school with a masters in Cyber Security and also a certificate from a coding boot camp for FSW. I have been self teaching myself alot about network and information security and things tech related. Especially software related.

I have been trying to reinforce my learning and interest in coding. I have a Github account of my proudest work I made on my own and hoping to improve and make a portfolio but i have been on and off of it due to job searching for software development positions and a bunch of things going on in my personal life. Job searching has been cutting into my time and energy being a recent graduate.

I would love to to connect with other new developers, hobbyists, or anyone with a interest in this. Mostly for the intent of study purposes (shared knowledge, going over code together, answering questions, etc.) and for morale boosts. I would love to connect and hear back from anyone virtually and to provide my experience to hopefully help others out in the self learning journey. I have been at it alone for a while and I figured why not reach out and make a post regarding the PIttsburgh PA area.

TLDR : I just want to see if there is anyone on the forum around Pittsburgh PA and give myself a quick introduction.

Wilkinsburg! what languages do you know?

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Thats awesome, I know where Wilkinsburg is and drove through there before.

I know a good bit: C#, C++, Java, Python, JS (mostly with frameworks), SQL (also MongoDB), HTML and CSS. I have been trying to stick to Java and Python as well as JavaScript. I am mostly self taught despite being a recent graduate. How about yourself?