Anyone know of a premade blog?

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Is there some kind of premade blog I can just quickly incorporate into a project without having to create one from scratch? I’m working on a website and one of the features they want is the ability to make blog posts on one of the pages. Which as you can imagine would be a whole other project its self.

Have you considered Wordpress?

I’m using the MERN stack, and I don’t know php.

Gatsby has some decent starters.

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Have you looked at Ghost? and Strapi? Both are Open Source and uses Node.js, Ghost being more popular with some nice free templates/themes, it is used by Apple, Nasa, Sky News, Brave, DigitalOcean etc…

Also have a look at this:

I was looking into exactly the same thing because my cousin has a startup company and he was looking to implement a blog as well… And I may be doing this for him soon.

I think you just need to create a subdomain or subdirectory install it and you are done. Especially if they are not doing affiliate marketing and does not need lots of customizations and plugins.

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Awesome I’ll start by looking there thanks