Anyone Like to Review My Code : Wikipedia Viewer

Anyone Like to Review My Code : Wikipedia Viewer


Hello guys, I have done the Wikipedia Viewer project. I need your feedback on it. Thanks guys.

Here is link:



You might want to refactor out the function which is called on success to make the code more readable. There is a typo in your ajax request on the line async: “flase”. It would probably make more sense for the footer to always be showing instead of appended to the DOM on data load.

Best of luck!


Hey @a2-zubair,
what you made is a very sleek looking project. Well done.
I also noticed that it is responsive and you have used good naming conventions across your code.

Awesome job.

Keep at it.


Thanks for your review.


Thanks for your review, I appreciate it. I just update my code you can check it out now. Let me know your review.


Great work! :smile: keep at it !