Applied for Google jobs today with a faint hope

Applied for Google jobs today with a faint hope


I am a novice in the field of software engineering , specially for companies like Google but I could not resist myself from clicking the apply button for Google job. I learned to code html,css, js, php , python, java and worked for a small start up company for one year too . But never felt my skills are good for the industry. I always felt this lack of having a mentor in learning, or reviewing my progress .
So today I applied for my first big job, with a faint hope, atleast I will get to know where I stand.
Currently I am in messed up brain. I have started to believe that working part time will help me to learn and earn. I really don’t know whether I am fit for jobs or not! Can you guys help me out with advise?


Something to keep in mind about Google is they want a diverse group of thinkers. Depending on how you present yourself if they choose to interview you, they may see you bring something new to the table. The fact you know Python is great as they use that on a lot of their projects. Maybe practice a bit more and depending on how much time you have left try to learn C++. It’ll benefit you in the technical interviews. Good luck :slight_smile:


I know c++ too. But actually I not expert in any of these languages that I have mentioned so far.
FYI I was a math teacher in high school+ had fish hatchery business(failed) + like earned my own living since high school and finished university too, does that count to be different? Do I mention them those?


You don’t have to be an expert in the language - just know the basics of it and how to use it in a technical interview. It shows you have a well rounded background which could benefit you. Let’s see what other campers think about it.


thank you for your positive words! I am really looking forward to campers responses…