Are the images preloaded?

Are the images preloaded?


Made this project about a month or so ago, but it needed some work on the images. I tweaked it, and the images seem to be preloaded, but I have fast Internet, so it is hard for me to tell.

Edit: removed link to work on it.


The first image took ~30s to load for me. The next ones around ~5s to ~10s.


I’m on a terrible internet connection (yay, Australia!) and for a little while I was thinking ‘What pictures?’



Wow, how fast is your connection? Mine is about 20-40ms on wifi. Do you think it would help to optimize and use only about 8-10 pictures too?


Loads fast for me (about 2…3 seconds for image). But I’m just bragging :sunglasses:



I blame photoshop. How do you have 5 times as much ping, and still have the good of download speed?


I’m pinging over the ocean :wink: Locally I have ping less than 10ms.

We are currently number 7 in the world.


That settles it - I’m moving to South Korea! :smirk: