Ask an IT Recruiter!

Ask an IT Recruiter!


Hi Joe!
What do you think about opposite career shifting? I am a few months away from getting BSc degree in Computer Engineering. But I realised that I don’t see myself as a programmer in the long run. I would rather like to become a headhunter.

So, what should be my strategy by your opinion?
Should I focus on making business contacts with entrepreneurs and developers in order to match them? Or, maybe to first focus on getting employed as a developer (so I can use gained experience for headhunting)?


I have completed Google IT Support Professional Certificate, is it really enough to get into a entry level IT roles? I have completed the entire specialization and applied to a few top end companies. Some didn’t respond, two rejections. Yeah, I don’t have a college degree too. I have been doing odd jobs and am trying hard to break in somewhere. So far I just applied only to top tier companies, so rejection was something I prepared for(Who wants to hire a guy with no degree and who jumps from a white collar job to a blue collar one?).

I want to make sure the next time I apply, I make it. I am sure about breaking in at a mid tier company. Any thoughts on how I should proceed? Should I learn some more skills before applying? Only having very basic IT skills not enough to make it at top notch IT role? Any thoughts.