Back End Certification

Back End Certification


Is there application that I can use to do Back end that does not require credit card information because I dont have 1


You can use Cloud 9 which I don’t believe requires credit card information, or you can make a node server on your local environment and push your apps to heroku.


Cloud 9 requires credit card information and when I want to deploy Add-on on Heroku I also need to verify my account by putting my credit card info


@tourzie Well if that’s the case, you can easily work on your local environment. See this tutorial on how to setup a node express server and then how to deploy to heroku


Thanks will try that


Yup. I remember being a little angry that Heroku wanted my CC for a free add-on.

If the add-on you’re talking about is mlab, there is a workaround. You set up the mongo db on mlab yourself. Use the sandbox free version. Then add that mongo url to your heroku config.


Here. Free, will always be free. This is the platform that freeCodeCamp will be recommending in the future.


I am trying to write this code on Glitch but its giving me errors , What did i do wrong I wanna complete the Hello world exercise on Freecodecamp “START NODE.JS SERVER”

Exercise 1 <body


When am testing npm I get this error!!! Please assist

Running your test script…

[email protected] test C:\Users\Thozamile\dev
echo “Error: no test specified” && exit 1

"Error: no test specified"
npm ERR! Test failed. See above for more details.

Uh oh! The test failed!
Try creating a test that actually works.


I don’t really see the issue with these companies want a credit card - it’s just to verify your identity so people don’t feel comfortable using their services to send out spam. Anyone who handles credit card data has to comply with PCI Requirements so it’s highly unlikely that your financial data will get leaked - and if so your bank insures you against fraud.


It’s honestly kinda sketchy either way. Besides, not everyone has a credit card.


You could always develop locally and not need Heroku/Cloud9.


There is value in learning how to deploy to a real server, isn’t there?


Yep, developing locally saves time on pushing the app to a server just for testing. I’d rather not push until it’s complete.


Oh I get it now. I thought you were saying that local development is where it starts and where it should end, meaning at no point you really need to push it to server and see how the whole deployment part works.
Totally agree with what you are saying, localhost is your friend!


Don’t push from development to production until it’s ready.