Backend: Heroku 5 app limit?

Backend: Heroku 5 app limit?


I’m worknig on the backend challenges and heroku hosting has only a limit of 5 apps and then you have to pay to use their hosting / services.

I’m thinking I could try make other subdomains on my site, but I’m just wondering if anyone is using other external free services?

Regards Jono


You can use Gomix. It is like codepen for Node.


thanks, though i wish i could pull in my github repo. It looks promising :slight_smile:


scratch that found that option in the advanced tab


No you don’t.
Verification doesn’t mean pay.
I have a verified account on heroku and I haven’t paid a cent.


Cheers, lifesaver, i just seeing asking for my card details, and then quick to assume i was paying for a subscription than verifying my identity. no you’re right heroku allows upto 100 apps apparently.