Banksy Tribute page!

Banksy Tribute page!


Had lots of fun making this one, let me know what you think!


I like theme of your page, but this font makes it hard to read :slight_smile:


Very good, very good. Nice job.


Nice page. Well done.


I like it but, as @Piorys has already said, I find the font quite hard to read. Also, the first image takes too much time to load since it has a size of 1,53 MB. Maybe you can consider to resize or compress it a bit.


Yeah :\ It does. I was going for a gritty paint pen approach.


Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, the font is not the easiest on the eyes, but I think it fits with the overall aesthetic. I also modified the image to get its file size smaller. Thanks for pointing this out, it should load much quicker now.


Thanks! I appreciate your kind words!


Thank you bunches for the positive feedback :slight_smile: