Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console

Basic Node and Express - Meet the Node console


This worked for sure. Clicking on the link starts a new project.


I would just like to say that the instructions for this challenge are as clear as mud!
I can’t believe it is this difficult to set up. Perhaps this is part of the challenge!


This solved my issue with not seeing myApp.js. I was working in the previous project. I selected the new link and it worked perfectly.

Thank you! @Milyaniko


The exercise is bugged. i try it all ways but didn’t work.


If you are doing the exact same thing that ccrubby214, and with this I mean putting the console.log under the “1) Meet the node console”, maybe you are putting the wrong URL just like I was doing

Putting didn’t work for me, but putting worked just fine


Is this what we are supposed to do???


I’m still having the same problem. No matter which link I use I’m not able to find a project with the myApp.js file.