Beat my tic tac toe game!

Beat my tic tac toe game!


Good luck! Let me know if it’s fun.


Looks great, though you might want to rethink the starting buttons or enable scrolling - they didn’t quite fit on my screen and I couldn’t scroll down. I had to zoom out to press them. Great game logic.


I won twice. :slight_smile:

There are times when the game doesn’t reset, but I can’t reproduce them. :confused:


Thanks on the reset bug. Had to do with Codepen reformatting my code, but the tidy button cleared it up.

Congrats on the wins! For a while I had it invincible, but ultimately I decided going with “hard to beat” was more fun.


Thanks, forgot I had that on there. Enabled the scroll bars.


good work, I like the logic. well done!