Become a better programmer

Become a better programmer


A fast-growing start-up resource for learning new actual programming skills.
It uses “ADAPTIVE REVERSE LEARNING” as its core technology and crowdsourcing for content making.
You can become a member for free.


Have you tried this yourself? If so, would you mind writing a bit of a review? Right now that just sounds like a promotional tagline.


My own account at

Our community is a non-profit (only donation) community.
So, I only try to give back to Free Code Camp.


More screenshots from my profile.


Sorry. I just meant to ask if you would mind telling us a bit about it. What do you like about it? What don’t you like? How well does it compliment FCC? I think it’s great when campers share and discuss additional learning resources. :slight_smile:


sounds like a commercial ad the way you put it. will check it out though. :slight_smile:


I can write a lot here but the main idea of the Quizful that You learn from Your own mistakes.

  1. You do a quiz in a form of a test
  2. If Your answer is “RIGHT” You get a short explanation (in theory and practice) and You move AHEAD (You polish Your knowledge and skills )
  3. If Your answer is “WRONG” You get a short explanation (in theory and practice) and You move AHEAD (You get new knowledge and skills)
  4. Quizzes with Your “WRONG” answers will be given to You again and again until You do make the correct choice.
  5. It is made for programmers by programmers like


Thanks for a bit more information. I’m going to move this thread to the “Reviews” section, so campers can add starred reviews.


I did it like I did. All comments are welcomed.


Sounds good, but it says you can try it for free, which implies that at some point, you will need to pay.

Also, it’s for C++, C# and Java, which is fine for people working in those languages, but there’s no JavaScript. :frowning:


This looks kind of interesting. @LisaWillCode, if you sign in, other topics are available, including Javascript.


I installed the “Enki” Android app. It’s great and its free.


I have installed “Enki” application for Android too.
You are right!Enki
It’s great!


Yes, I’m aware of the in-app purchasing ability. However, those purchases are voluntary. I should clarify that the free content is very good.


Enki authors want some money.
They send me an email with a link:
The result:


Hey, Fuzzylogics! Thanks a lot for this post! Really appreciate this)

My name is Kyrylo and I am co-founder of , and we mentioned some activity coming from FreeCodeCamp project forum!)
We know about FreeCodeCamp pretty well and love what FCC is doing, all the best to the project!
Also, our team really happy that you guys liked our project, we have been working hard on it for a long time and still in WIP state.

If you have any questions about project - feel free to ask here in this topic. Literally anything : mission, idea, plans, how it works, money questions , technology choice etc.
Also you can give some feedback, we will love to hear it.