Becoming a Full-Stack Web developer in 7 Months

Becoming a Full-Stack Web developer in 7 Months

I got stuck with redirecting but it does not matter too much. I will use the tool which gets the job done and I generally think Python on the backend suits my needs better than JavaScript. The reason for that I will show you when I finally finish my first App with a backend :slight_smile:

Btw. what is a chingu?

Well I did after some struggle not manage to get that damn app deployed. It was a quite simple app where you could enter your age, sex and class you wanted to book for a tour on the titanic. Based on the input a probablity was calculated and served as string for the template which got rendered on the frontend. So here we go… I guess working like that has nothing to do with real web development.

In 3 days I will have an appointment with a senior front end dev on my company, who will show my how they work on Apps which use heavy machine learning processes and work with a large amount of data. He told me they use Vue.js. I´ve read about Vue.js and it seems to be easier than React.js and Angular. Anyone here with any relevant experience?
Really looking forward for that appointment :slight_smile:

I´m finally back with some news. Yes, I struggled a lot and bad problems with my motivation, but I kept working of course and did not give up. Here is my first App build with a JavaScript framework. I jumped on Vue.JS and so far I really like it. There is a ton of stuff to learn but it really starts to make more sense and the resistance to work on it gets smaller with each step of progress.

You can see the App and explanations here:

I 1,5 weeks there will be christmas holidays where I really want to improve me skills with Vue!