Beginner's veiw

Beginner's veiw


Good day friends, I started my FCC adventures few days ago. I am really enjoying the journey as i am already through with bootstrap responsive. But the FCC challenges seems to be too easy for me. How do i know whether i am really progressing??? I would appreciate a constructive advice.


Keep going until you get stuck. if you are stuck, not all FCC challenges are easy and you will progress by solving those problems. If you can solve every FCC challenges solely with your mind, then you probably know better things to do.


You’ve probably heard it before, but start doing projects. That’s the best way you can test your knowledge and after a while (day, week, month) you can check your old code and see how much you have grown.

It’s very easy to get false sense of knowing something when you just follow some tutorial or do some isolated challenges, but when you need to recreate the same thing from scratch you suddenly realize that you know less than you imagined.


Don’t feel like you know something until you get the chance to apply the knowledge. The first few challenges may seem trivial especially if you have prior knowledge of the subject. The projects are what can truly evaluate how much you know because you get the chance to apply what you’ve learnt.