Best language to learn first?

Best language to learn first?

I am new to it u wAnt to learn a language just not sure which one to learn first

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Hi @Smscotta6 :grinning:

I suggest Python.

Ok thanks that is what I figured.

following the fcc cirriculum will get yo familiar with html and javascript. i think this is a great place to start since it gives you a little bit of an introduction to front end and back end development. but python is also a very amazing and intuitive language as well :slight_smile:

from one newbie, to another. :fist_right: :fist_left:

html/css for sure it’s much easier then python and it will teach u the basic of webdevelopment. At least in my experiance :3

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@Smscotta6 i think python is the best language to start off learning first , its also one of the most fast growing programs out there.

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Here is my post from the beginning of 2018, but it still applies.

At work, I do Full-Stack development using ASP.Net MVC. Currently, I’m leaning towards Node.js or Python.

If you are planning on doing any web development, then regardless of back-end language you need to learn the trinity of Front-End Development HTML, CSS and JavaScript.