Best resources to learn responsive

Best resources to learn responsive


Hi guys,

I’m looking for a great resource to understand and master the responsive design. How do you learned it?


This is a nice article I keep refering back to… Flexbox

And another good article more Flexbox

And still another yet more Flexbox

I’ve been using a mixture of Bootstrap and Flexbox and it allows for quite a bit of versatility in your design…


I thought flexbox was not being supported much.


@Eerian I believe it is gaining some momentum out there in the wilds… This article has a Feb 2016 Twitter question asking who uses Flexbox and about 50% of respondents said yes… Results of question on Twitter


The book that made it all make sense for me was “Responsive Web Design (Brief Books for People Who Make Websites, No. 4)” by Ethan Marcotte. It is a few years old now but hopefully everything is just as relevant! Then I just played with Bootstrap and reread the documentation as more and more of it made sense.