Best tutorial for react and express

Best tutorial for react and express


Hey guys, I Have been researching online a lot on how to set up a node react express app / site. let’s say a good starting point would be a blog. I haven’t been able to find a precise tutorial, if you know one please point out!


Good timing, this is something I’ve been looking at this week!

I’ve decided on using React for my next back end project, and this is the tutorial I’ve used to get off the ground-

I’ve had trouble getting it to work in cloud9 though. You basically need to have two servers running simultaneously, one for express on the backend and a react dev server for the front end. I’ve got around that by splitting it into two separate cloud9 projects, but then I had to use a CORS module on the backend server to get them to actually talk to each other… yeah everything is a rabbit hole :laughing:

I think it should be a bit simpler if you just set it all up to run locally though. Going to have a bash at that over Christmas!


There is very little to actually find on React, it seems; most are paid courses. But, by far, the best tutorial I have stumbled upon isn’t much of a tutorial at all, but a live coding session. Though, i coded along with him and treated it as a tutorial.

You will build a full-stack application, and learn so much stuff throughout these videos, including:

Local Storage
JWT (JSON web token)
bcrypt (password hashing)

There’s a lot of material to digest, above is just some of the material that I remember off the top of my head. The only “down-side” is that this tutorial is really fast-paced.