Best VPN? Any Reviews?

Best VPN? Any Reviews?


I use Arch exclusively, but in the future I might need to install Windows for something and it’d be nice to have the VPN service that works great for both. If the VPN service has it’s own binary that unofficially works on Arch, that’s a super plus bonus.
Thanks in advance!

Edit: I`d google and found this guide at


I’ve been using Private Internet Access for almost a year now and have been very happy with it. It’s fast and allows manual selection of a variety of servers around the US and the rest of the world. Last year they had a sale on Black Friday, so I’d recommend waiting until Black Friday for a sale again, if you don’t need to buy one right now.

I tried CyberGhost before using PIA and didn’t like it as much, it was slower and didn’t have manual server selection (only automatic).


Personally I am really liking NordVPN. It is a paid service but well worth the money. They have a lot of servers around the world, support streaming, have an awesome and responsive servicedesk and best of all, a no log policy. That last part is something that is being overlooked to often and basically means that your VPN isn’t private at all since the logs will tell exactly what, where and how long you did something.

They also have several other benefits like double VPN, Onion routing (join the Onion network without installing additional software) en secure browsing features.

Highly recommended (and just to clarify; even though it might sound like a big commercial, I have no relationship to/with NordVPN other then being a happy customer)


I heard about NordVPN, usually people like it, so I’m also going to try it. Also I checked ExpressVPN, and I should say, it was also good, I noted that all IP addresses weren’t blacklisted, and it is not expensive. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that there was only one IP for each country. Does NordVPN offer more? Thanks in advance!


Oh yes, NordVPN has a lot of servers in the countries they serve. You can select a country you want to to connect to and you can even select the server in that country you want to connect to. This allows for a lot of different IP addresses to be used.


Using Nord and Express both. I use them for separate purposes, Nord for streaming and express for torrenting. They both are great but have expertise of providing some great service in their respective domains. Another provider which is news and getting some good reviews is surfshark. A new entrant but ill wait for some more reviews. Secondly Black Friday is very near and all the exciting deals will be on offer. People have already started writing blogs already


For me the best is PureVPN. I had really great experience with this VPN service. Here is some reviews of PureVPN.

PureVPN Reviews 2018


Use FastestVPN, I have been using it on my Android and iOS mobile, perfectly working and speed is way better then other VPNs
I recently visited their site they are offering 92% discount on 5 year plan cost just $49.95
Here is the deal link: Black Friday VPN Deals


For windows there are tons of services and for privacy reasons its best to invest small amount to get a premium one. I just go 89% off from these black friday vpn deals the most important thing is the use of right security option when online