Best VPN? Any Reviews?

Best VPN? Any Reviews?
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Yes, CyberGhost is also a good VPN.


I vouch for NordVPN. I purchased mine last week using a coupon code I found on retailmenot. $60 for a year, or I believe $107 for 3 years.
Up to 6 devices connected at the same time. I use on my MacBook and iPhone.
I know it works because I was on a torrent site and a pop-up says that my location is Tennessee and it’s being tracked. Lol definitely not in TN


I used to HideMyAss, but there are a lot of spammy IP’s. Now I’m using HideMyName and I have no issue with it.


I am happy with Nordvpn. You guys should try they have 7 days free trial.


I just use Opera as my browser, it has a free VPN build in to it :stuck_out_tongue:


I use NordVPN which I bought about 3 months ago. Everything works fine, good speed and not a high price. I use it just for Internet security and torrenting.
It has the best editors rating in pcmag and known as one of the best vpn’s.


I used Psiphon as well I used to only get 160 our of my 300mbps now since they updated their server providers I now get my full 300mbps and way more than 2 or three USA servers work with netflix.


I use NordVPN. They have a great deal going on now that I bought awhile back around Christmas. $2.99/mo. for 3 years. Great service.


I recently Sign up ExpressVPN account a bit costly but speed is good. Work with Netflix and other streaming sites. Good security protocols. App is also smooth in connection and easy to use for everyone. 9 out of 10 in my review.


I use a couple of months VeePN, it works well and most importantly quickly :sunglasses:


I really like the VPN service like Veepn. The connection is always stable, there is no loses :wink:.


I have used different VPNs and decided that VeePN is the best because of good speed and perfect secure!


Recently bought Surfshark as I find its review very interesting. Though its a new provider in the industry it performs the job very well at protecting your privacy and secondly its cheap too. Did some tests of IP leak and this one came out clean.


I’m an Italian living abroad and I needed a VPN to watch Italian streaming TV channels. I wrote about nordvpn here. I tried for 30 days I decided to keep it for the time I needed the VPN. I’ve never had a problem using it in Italian servers. I could easily watch the tv series fluently. Just sometimes I had some lag but maybe it was about the poor local connection. So far it’s one the best I’ve tried. I also appreciated the ExpressVPN but NordVPN is more user friendly for my personal opinion :slight_smile: