Beta version freecodecamp

Beta version freecodecamp


I would like to know if my work on the normal version will lead me to the qualifications. I am on a hard part of freecodecamp, and would like to know what path should I take. I already know progress is not saved on beta, and that beta has more hours. Any thoughts on this would be appreciatted. Thanks


i switched to beta and lost everything. but i was only doing tictactoe at that point and had skipped all save a few alogorithms problems. for me it was good to review everything with a little more experience. i had shot through the basics in a couple days the first time and many things didnt stick. so while a bit annoying at times…like redoing subtraction in javascript…overall it was a good experience. now if you are at a hard part and that is deep into original code camp you might want to just stay there but do the extra material on beta. maybe there will be some sort of update later on when beta goes to the main and you will be able to merge both into one.


Yea, thanks for the information, it is best probably to keep on normal until they merge. Makes no sense losing all your work. I would like them to merge without making us lose all the work.


So I understand the progress will eventually move over and the additional parts will become part of the main site?


Here’s the post from the Meta section that talks about the new certs.