Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology


There’s so much talk and hype about blockchain tech out there, especially with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies. Anybody have experience with blockchain development or can help shed some light on it?


I’m not super invested into learning about blockchain, but I have been interested. I came across this article ( recently, which came out a couple days ago.

I guess the author is trying to write a series on all things blockchain, especially for development. The author has an old post ( which starts off the series. This article ( might also be of interest which tries to cut into the core of what blockchain is without all the hype. Good luck!


Thanks for these! Have been wanting to learn more.


For those who are interested in Blockchain, here are sample implementations from GitHub.

We used them in our company to launch an internal Blockchain-based project.




I haven’t gone through these podcasts yet, but this might be an efficient way to learn about blockchain, from conversations with people dealing with the technology:


Just ran into this. Roll your own blockchain in Haskell (haven’t tested it, but seems promising).


This is a great resource about Ethereum. Lots of different materials -


I’ve been asked about Ethereum and Blockchain so started investigating this week.
As I don’t know much about either I’ve started watching this:



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