Blocked from fcc facebook group

Blocked from fcc facebook group


hello my friends, I was blocked from the official fcc facebook group because I was complaining that my data was erased from the new version of the website(later I found it was not), and I was a little angry! What do I do to be unblocked from the group? Maybe if I make a donation they would reconsider joining me in again?? hahah


Send a message to the group administrator acknowledging that you realize why you were removed from the group, apologize, and ensure the administrator that you will not take your frustrations out in a way that interferes with a supportive and constructive discourse (and keep that promise, of course).


Thanks! I’ll try…


Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. I sent inbox messages to the moderators, and they didn’t even answer it.


maybe try reaching out at, [email protected] and pleading your case there. Hopefully you get an answer back soon.