Blocked IP from VPN

Blocked IP from VPN


Hi all^^
This morning i was using Opera for browsing, and this happened:

The last time I logged in with Opera (with VPN activated as usual) was yesterday and it has given me no problems…so actually I’m not even sure about the question, I would just like to know why that happened ^^


Use another browser and you can try proxy if your vpn doesn’t work. I prefer to use internet with a proxy, for instance I have fineproxy package. I have no problems with connection and I can change the location to get higher speed.Very convenient to use as for me.


Ah, thanks for reply ^^
It works now, with the same browser and vpn active; was just a matter of a day ^^ Weird :confused:


For unblocking and anonymous browsing site, I’m using Mullvad VPN. Its really working great for me I will also suggest you check out the latest yet updated Mullvad review here:


I’ve seen this before with Opera, especially if you let Opera specify the VPN region. Quiet a few of Opera’s Russian IP’s are on the blacklist. Generally speaking if you select “North America” for region locality, you are okay. However, you can also select VPN (turn it of again, then on again) and it will reassign you another IP address. As already mentioned there are better (and faster) VPN choices than Opera’s free VPN.


That’s not a problem. It happens to me all the time, However i have find out a solution just restart your device and start your Opera and VPN again. Its just a glitch.