Bootstrap not working [SOLVED]

Bootstrap not working [SOLVED]


So, I’m trying to create a navbar with bootstrap in HTML & CSS, but nothing happens when I put in the ‘class="nav navbar’ to my div, which I am trying to use, coding along a bootstrap tutorial video. I have linked the online version of bootstrap in my , as you also can see on the pictures. The nav bar is just not showing up… Only some text with ‘Koffee’ and a little box…

So did I do something wrong here, or what is going on?

Picture 1:
Picture 2:

Note: Some of the other things is working in Bootstrap, like simple buttons, those I can add without any problem, so the bootstrap should be linked correctly in my opinion


I’m sorry but I don’t have ability to repair code just by look at it,

If you share your codepen version of your code, we might be able to solve your problem


Sorry - I’ve already found the answer.
I was using the 4.0 version of bootstrap and tried to use one of the older classes, so by replacing it with the older version of bootstrap, the problem fixed.

Thank you, though!