Brownie Points for help on forums

Brownie Points for help on forums


Okay, I’m not actually all that hung up on browny points. But I do like to keep my streak sometimes. Helps motivate me. Could we get points for helping on the forum as well as on gitter? I’m just sayin…

Something I noticed about the member page
I don't really understand how it's possible to have long streaks here

Yeah, I think having some kind of community context definitely helps for motivation. That’s why I’ve decided to start checking in on a daily basis.


I’m pretty sure I read somewhere even the gitter ones will be dropped.


that’s a shame. community is what makes this whole thing work… in my opinion.


Sure, but the brownie points are not integral to that.





I think if someone find motivation in Gaining Brownie Points or keeping their streak then it’s good.
Because all of us want to upgrade our skills, gain more knowledge, if these things helps us in that then why don’t. Thumbs up to Brownies. :slight_smile:

Happy Coding! :smile:


I like browny points because is browny. I can go tell people how much brownies I have. :smiley:


Are we talking about brownies with special ingredients? I’m in!


Come out here to Denver then.


This forum is busy enough and people donate their time to answer questions. I personally would rather see answers from members who are genuinely interested in helping fellow campers and not just doing so to get special points. This is more in line with the spirit of this site. All free, including free from a merit system.


What current brownie point system?


You’re right. But it is an incentive. I remember when they actually had a Camper Leader Board. A bunch of us would hang out in the forums to help to try and get higher on the board. SainPeter had 1000’s of points. It was fun. It also provided just a little extra push to finish projects. Since you got multiple points on the board for that.


Oh, ok I hadn’t even considered those as brownie or merit points. To me they just represent how many challenges I’ve completed. Plus they are just for myself; I’ve never been able to see anyone else’s progress so in a sense they’re meaningless to other members.
Gitter-wise, I don’t go there at all. Is it ever any good? I checked it out twice and it just seems very junky with irrelevant chat - borderline troll-ish.


The Gitter room can get pretty off topic sometimes, but it’s a really great resource. The Help Rooms are less chatty and easier to follow, although the more advanced you get the more likely it is that you will only be able to find someone who can help you in the main chat. The private messaging feature is nice too, and I use it pretty often to work one-on-one with campers.


Good to know, thanks. I might give it another shot.


Besides what was already raised, it’s not a good measure of community involvement either. Even if forums were somehow included (detracting from more important work imo), it would still leave out involvement on github, external services that fcc uses, local groups and evangelism like blogging …


True. It would not be a perfect system. I just like the gamifying. It helps make it fun. I actually really like @P1xt 's post. Whatever incentives we can find I say. But to each there own.


I’m just curious and not trying to be combative at all, but do you see the badge system & likes here on the forum as a negative thing? Or would it just be bad to see it reflected back on the FCC webpage itself?


FYI - The badge system is a component of Discourse (the tool we use for this forum) and it’s tied to increasing permission/authority levels.