Build a Survey Form-Help Needed

Build a Survey Form-Help Needed


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I’m trying to create a survey form as a part of challenges
why does the test template suite always shows the error at naming id’s of name and email although i’ve created them . please do correct me if i’m wrong!

Here’s my codepen
My Survey Form

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When using codepen you need to put this: <script src=""></script> but only the into codepen->settings->javascript


I have done it . please do check where i was wrong.


I’m having the same issue, checked my code a million times. I’ll get back here if I find an answer


@sorinr please look into this:neutral_face:


Hi @gus.vancouver and @saiyerniakhil

When you run the test, you should see a red button that says how many of the user stories you have correct.

If you click that button, it will show you what they are looking for as a passing user story. In my case, I just had my id in the wrong statement.


I did the tests. n.4 and 5 won’t pass. I have the id’s in the proper elements, but they won’t pass for some reason. What do you mean the id was in the wrong statement? maybe I have the same error in my code.



Hello Gus,

You do have the proper elements but they do not have the require attribute.


Thanks! Yes, I was missing an attribute, that was it.


@gus.vancouver which one did you miss?


Required. I didn’t add that to the input tag. User stories 4 and 5 say the inputs for name and email are required.


like these…?


yes. You’re also missing "required"inside the tag. That tells the form if the user didn’t write anything in the field.


Oh My God! It Worked thank you @gus.vancouver :hearts:


Someone else answered me on another post. But glad I could help. I was losing my mind over this :slight_smile:


yes I too waited a long time for the mistakes i have done


Thanks everyone for helping!


Glad it worked out for both of you :blush: