Build a Tribute Page - Img will not display

Build a Tribute Page - Img will not display


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My image will not show for some reason here. Its the only issue I am having so far. I may just be too tired and overlooking something simple. I have tried several links.

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<figure Ozzy Fig.1 - Ozzy
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Lol looks like it will display here however when I test in my browser it will not…

<figure><img src=" "/></figure>

do your tags look like that?


I’m having the same issue. I can’t get the image to appear for my Tribute Page.
Here is the code so far:

Pina Bausch (center) with her dancers at the Wiesenland show
I've inserted other links that have nothing to do with the subject and they've worked. But, I don't know what is causing the Pina Bausch image not to show. I'm thinking it might be the image itself. How can I get past this hurdle? Thanks!