Building up portfolio - github

Building up portfolio - github

Hi All

Sorry if my question sounds silly, maybe the answer is obvious but am quite new to coding and would like to understand how I could build up my portfolio on GitHub.

I read somewhere that there are some projects to do on freecodecamp that I could publish on github but I do not seem to find them. Please could anybody tell me if there are some?

Secondly, after each challange I play a bit with the code, I copy it to scrimba, change it and see what the outcome is. Please could anybody tell me if I could publish come codes from challanges on github?

Please could you advise me if there are any other tips on how to build up portfolio? I am at the beginning of my coding path but personally think that even small projects matter, but I may be mistaken. Please could you help?

Thanks a lot for your time and help in advance.


I just started using Github recently. B4 I would practice what I learned then delete my stuff but now I save what I do to Github. Check it out.


Projects start here:

Each certificate in the curriculum has 5 such projects.

As for Github, the freeCodeCamp stuff isn’t stored there automatically. You need to learn to use git and push your projects there. You can search this forum for git tips, or use any online resource to get you started. Feel free to ask for a decent guide if what you find doesn’t help or make much sense.