(Burnout) Need Advice, Guides, Paths, Suggestions

(Burnout) Need Advice, Guides, Paths, Suggestions

I have a job as a Front-end Web developer and learned some Wordpress but I resigned. The reason is because I feel like I’m not progressing my skills and my boss gets frustrated with me because i’m not productive and can’t finish task in a timely-manner. I am not motivated to get up and go to work, i’m not happy and feel depressed. Now, I want to study and practice again Fulltime.

I haven’t much progress for past few months because i’m constantly jumping technology to study e.g. C# to PHP, PHP to NodeJS, NodeJS to PHP(Wordpress) and now both PHP(OOP/Laravel) and Javascript(React). Actually, I have a good basic knowledge with programming but I haven’t finished a single app to put on my portfolio that covers the most common aspect of an fullstack app like CRUD/Restful API, data form handling, data validation and database etc. because I always get stuck for hours sometimes whole day, feels frustrated and feels like very messy to continue the project (api not yet pushed).

I paused what i’ve been doing for the mean time and get some words from people here. I want to restart and correct what I’ve been doing wrong. I want to follow some paths/guides for getting a remote job Fullstack/Backend except front-end because I easily get bored doing some UI/UX and i’m not good at it.

I need some advice, motivation , guides, suggestions.

incase you want to see some of my projects.

portfolio site: https://jayrexacilo.github.io/ (not done)
old portfolio: https://ajayrexluega.github.io/
project links:

sorry for my english, it’s not my native language.
PS: I saw this topic I got a job as a remote fullstack developer! and it inspires me because i’m also a private/introvert person. Need some clear paths :sweat:

Most important piece of advice: Stop doing this. Stick to one tech stack (I suggest Node) and complete all of the backend and fullstack projects on the FreeCodeCamp map. Come here to these forums with questions.

It’s nice to know a little bit about a lot of different tech, but you’re not likely to get hired unless you know at least one well enough to build an app. Stay focused. That is your path.


I’m introverted and have a bit of social anxiety, but programming jobs aren’t all about programming. You still need social skills, whether it’s working with a boss, coworkers, clients, and interviewers. You need to practice your people skills too. Stay active on social media and this forum, go to meetups, start talking to other people.

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You’re definitely right. One of the reason I study different stackslanguage like C# because one of my collegues ask me to learn it and transfer to C# dev team but I’m not there anymore so I need a clear plan to learn with and stick with it. I’m thinking about PHP because it has lot more job opportunities currently than NodeJS but NodeJS is so much interesting not because it’s popular or cool but playing around with Javascript is more fun to learn and play with than PHP.

I agree, one of the skills people forget or underestimated is Soft skills and I’m not good with it. I’m trying to develop and improve it thought.