Button scroll up and down in list using jQuery

Button scroll up and down in list using jQuery


How to add scrolling feature to the up and down arrow button item list.Items are added like To do list , once the items grows to max length, button scrolling feature has to be enabled. Can anyone help me on this.


I am not sure exactly what you mean. Can you post your code or example of what you are trying to do?


First u need container with determimed height etc 300 px, and overflow: hidden

So here if items that u append or.are alreadt in container exceed height u can check
in particular parts of ur code with

var isOverflowing = container.clientHeight < container.scrollHeight;

And if this is true enable ur button for scrolling down

Now actually scroll, cant provide now, cause im on mobile and will check out later and provide full code
I ll just leavevnow u to dig google with
Custom scroll javascript …etc

Here scroll part
[ http://codepen.io/anon/pen/rrGwKo?editors=1010 ]


Actually i am trying to do this.



I have same opinion on your question even with this image