Calculator Feedback

Calculator Feedback

You didn’t correct the layout :slight_smile:


.cal-body {
  width: 350px;

I have that, why would I set it to 352px when that messes up the proportions?



With 350px on Ubuntu and Android there are no proportions at all :wink:



ok. tell you what. You tell me a good reason why 2px less is screwing it up on ubuntu, and I’ll change it just for you. (I might even add your name at the bottom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)



@IsaacAbrahamson Perhaps you should give it a try yourself first?

The following is still the same:

  • When I push an operator the number gets switched for a zero. I think it should show you the number or the result of the operation.
  • It’s not possible to multiply with minus: Try -1 times 1 or vice versa or -1 times -1.


@Topzie I did try it.
I want it to start off as a zero when you push an operator, because thats how my real calculator works.
It does work with negative numbers.6-8 = -2 * 4 = -8. 2 - 3 = -1 * 1 = -1
The minus sign is an operator not a positive/negative sign.



@IsaacAbrahamson Perhaps I’m testing the wrong calculator, because I’m still not able to do the simple -1x1 math. It returns 0. My real life calculator returns -1 (as it should). There is no distinction on a calculator between the minus operator or the minus sign and yes it is possible to do calculations like -3x-3 or 9/-3 on a (real life) calculator. You just have to deal with that in javascript (it’s not as hard as it seems, btw).

I didn’t mean the zero when starting off, I meant the zeros in between. I will give you an example:

I’m pushing 6 -> returns 6
then x -> returns 0 (should stay 6 I think)
then 9 -> returns 9
then = -> returns 54
then x -> returns 0 (should stay 54)
then 1 -> returns 54

So, each time you enter an operator the ‘display’ says 0, which is a bit weird, I think.

Another thing I just noticed is that I can add numbers to the result, whe I push 0 now (after the 54 result from the example above) I get 540.

Hope I’m not putting you down, it’s just that I’ve been working on my calculator myself for a while (I think I finished the functionality now, I will post it overhere so you can test mine if you like) and noticed quite a few things while testing it and like to share my testing experiences with you so you can solve them too. :blush:

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lol you can use the minus sign on a calculator as a negative I never knew that! Yeah that 0 is maybe a bit weird. I’ll take a look at these things thanks for the feedback. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



My calculator so far, having a few issues but its coming along quite well.