Calculator Made with React, Project Feedback

Calculator Made with React, Project Feedback


Hey All, finally done with the calculator project, made with React and mathjs libraries, and design inspire from, feedback will be very welcome, below is the codepen link
– update, the app can be use with the keyboard too.



Looks good to me. Good job!

I’m testing it from my phone and I noticed the = button bounces all the time as I press any key on the keyboard. I would also change the footer as it looks… Not very pretty in my humble opinion :slight_smile:

Nice work.


0.1 + 0.2 should display 0.3 and not 0.30000000000000004


Thanks for pointing hat out, had to lower the precision to 16 for mathjs


Thanks for the feedback, the equal button should not be bouncing anymore. on mobile devices, The footer still a work in progress, design is not my strong suit.


Yes, it’s fixed. Good job!


Very good, that decimal icon is way to small though

Maybe “:black_circle:



I like the red little dot which is taken as a decimal point symbol. :ok_hand: Fits perfectly into the design.


I like it,
exiting project