Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?

Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?


Yeah being younger offers more free time to do coding. Plus you grow up knowing it, just like your first language is easiest because your taught it as a baby.


if you live in Canada you are legally allowed to get a job as long you are 13+.


Trump wants more jobs, he should use his neighbor for ideas. You guys are LUCKY!!!


Its liability. Plus you wont be 13 by the time you finish freecodecamp or have the experience for a job. No one is just looking for just someone who completed a online bootcamp. They are looking for people who stand out.


In the past, kids were MADE to work. The child labour laws are there so that they get to go to school instead. Also, if kids are allowed to work, there will be less jobs for everyone else and the unemployment rate would go up, not down. :slight_smile:


programming jobs are growing like crazy in Canada especially in southern/eastern Ontario . Google is opening its national headquarters in Toronto. like there is no doubt programing is growing very rapidly not only in Canada but also globally.


I am 13 I already finished HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. I started programming at 9(because my mom made me to) and I hated it, it was like learning Chinese to me. I stopped for 2 years then when I was 12 at the beginning of the year, I decided to give it a shot again. At that time I decided to go learn at khan academy,( I guess after a few years I got brave enough to try again) and I found it wasn’t too hard. After a couple months I realized that all of my hard work wasn’t going to count in my education, at that moment I decided to try out free code camp, and I discovered it was a million times better than khan academy, because of the step by step challenges and the forum. I then became dedicated to free code camp trying to do at least 2 hours a day I wish I could do more, but with homework and other stuff it just wasn’t possible. I am going to be starting the build a tribute project by next week hopefully finishing it before the 25 of December. I wrote all of this as an inspiration for all of you guys out there who are feeling enveloped and overcome by all of this programming stuff. And for all of the older guys who are feeling discouraged by their age I know someone who was 62 when he started and now he works at Supercell( that is a gaming company) my point here is that it is never too late to learn.



I started learning how to code at 13. I wish to hell I had FCC back then! If I’m gonna be honest with you, I wasn’t capable of learning all of this until I reached about 16ish. I told myself I couldn’t do it for years. But you’re not me! I’m almost 18 now and I’ve made a little bit of money and learned a lot! Older developers personally tell me all the time that they wished that they started when they were MY age, including Quincy Larsen, the President of Free Code Camp . You’re never too young to start learning, even if you don’t learn everything right now. In the wise words of Gary Vaynerchuck, you can devote years of your life to something, decide you hate it and still be young as s***! Don’t be afraid to learn, bump your butt, and get back up!


Also, if you’re trying to make money, just make sure you have an adult who helps you. My mom helps me with my money/business all the time! Everyone has a mentor.


My story:
I started to learn to program when I was in fourth grade. My dad is an IT, and my mom is a nuclear medicine specialist. So I decided to become a programmer! I started on Khan Academy but then stopped for two years, I then restarted my hurricane during the summer, but it was only a cat.2 so it died out. But now I am on CodeCademy and FCC (they go hand in hand) and I am starting my hurricane for the third time!!! But the differrence here is that it is a catagory 5, not a 1 or 2, and my hurricane will never stop.


Yea, my uncle and my dad are my mentors. They is awesome!! He is into data science, so he has a whole ton of practical knowledge, my father is in IT, so he knows a lot about the “guts” of a computer. Interesting stuff. Yea in the future programming jobs are going to be huge.


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But keep in mind that that was the 1940s’ I think our country has changed since then, plus factories are not that dirty anymore, they have been robotized!


My Story is Much the same as yours.

Cool, me too! I finished HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap by the time I was 13. I started at 7 on Python, but was really bored, and quit for 2 years. Then when I was 9, my mom got me on Scratch, and I developed an interest for coding. I started programming my own games on Python, as well as learning a bit of Java. Then when I was 10, I discovered HTML, and I loved it. Then I found Code School, when I was 12. That cemented my coding education, and led the way to coding for a living. I also used Tynker, Khan Academy, and a few other online coding websites. I would recommend starting to code at a young age, so you can have more time to learn. All the best, GarbageDisposal.


I would like to tell that the answer is YES. My best friend from highschools
son became interested in coding when he was your age. I told him the courses
he should take and he’s never looked back.

He is 17 now and makes more than both his parents combined! Yes, they
don’t give him an allowance anymore. He is happy and so are his parents.

I would say that because of your age, have fun and be a kid. There is plenty
of time to worry about work when you get older. If you really like coding, learning
as much as you can is probably the best way to get a Google internship.

i really don’t know about getting paid at your age, but there is always
something that you can be a part of in the open source community.
Search for this on Google, “finding open source projects to work on”,
and start from there.

Essentially you should try to get experience in every possible area of
coding and the web. you can always make your own projects. come
up with a web app idea that would help you with something in life.
Let’s say a Mood Tracker. Create a website about it. Create a web app
on the site. then create an android app.

you can do that over and over to build up a good portfolio. you don’t
necessarily need to have an original idea to start on. find something you
that you like and then fix what you think is wrong with it.

For example, I love star wars galaxy of heroes, so I created a WordPress
site for us. after that, i created a web app for the officers that keeps the
statistics on all of our guild members, and does some other things.

the web app is based off of something else that wasn’t my original idea,
I built and implemented it, and it is used all the time. I haven’t learned android apps yet, but that’s the next step.

i loved building stuff for that game so it doesn’t feel like work and it also
covers a lot of things that I have learned and shows it.

I hope this helps you. The trick to everything is not giving up and not
taking no for an answer from anyone. you have trouble with being your
age and getting paid? Freelance for a business overseas and you don’t
have to worry about that (just don’t tell them your age and set up a Paypal
account to get paid, or have your parents help you open a bank account.


Yea, programmers make a lot of $$, but in order to get $$ you need to work.

Also, notice how this topic is climbing in views?


I liked the way it looked alone so I will just reply to it. you can legally get work as a free lancer in the usa :slight_smile:


It’s also being shipped over seas because its cheaper. That’s why being a software engineer isn’t a good job unless you have to physically be there to do it. It’s not all about money, it’s about how much you like the job too.


Yea, they often hire people from low cost countries.


Surely it isn’t that easy to freelance overseas. And, by the way, I’m learning to code to become a web developer. What courses should I take, and on what websites? Right now I am taking courses on CodeSchool, but I’ve finished the HTML course, and I don’t know where to go from here. If it is possible to get a job at my age (13 and 1/2), I would gladly jump at it.