Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?

Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?


Yeah. Also, I need more info one this subject of whether I can get a job by 16, whether freelancing, or full time. I’m 13, and don’t know what courses to take after finishing a lot of web dev ones on CodeSchool. The real question - what next? Please answer my question on my topic: What do you need to do to become a 16 year old Web Developer?


This is someone who was very helpful at getting a freelancing job at a young age. @IsaacAbrahamson


I’ve already freelanced overseas a few times and had great experiences. I even had a German firm offer me a job and would pay for me to move there, but I am only interested in freelance. They did end up giving me a Macbook for the contract I did with them.

Anywho, here are the courses that I would advise you to take. If they are charging more than $20 then put them in your cart and wait for them to go on sale.

This first one is absolutely crucial for freelancing, design, and development. This course actually gives you the Project Management processes in a STEP-BY-STEP way. You have no idea how long it took me to find a course that shows you what to do, step-by-step, to complete a web project. I can’t draw or paint IRL, so I thought that I couldn’t design, but I was wrong. START HERE FIRST!

  1. UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development

Taking the first course shows you the beginning of a project and ends the design phase. You may not want to design at all, but it is absolutely crucial that you understand the process. It will help you when working with remote teams and other designers. The second course that I would recommend takes off pretty well from there. It is all development. I would also advise Web Designers to take it also so they understand the development process.

  1. The Web Developer Bootcamp

Taking those 2 courses should be enough to make you employable. I would also suggest this next course to learn Git efficiently. I tried a few different courses about Git and didn’t feel that I had enough of a grasp on Git to be comfortable until I took this course.

  1. Git Complete: The definitive, step-by-step guide to Git

I was good-to-go after this course and started using the Git GUI “Tower” and haven’t run into any major issues since.

I hope all this helps you! Please feel free to get in contact with me if you need to.


Thank you SO MUCH! I appreciate very much for you to take time out of your day to tell me, a complete stranger, how to learn to code. Thanks for letting me contact you if I need anything, and I will contact you if need be. Again, thank you.


I love it when people help others. Quincy Larson should see this.


What you did is awesome. I love it when people help others. This is amazing. I am speechless.


What do you think is going to be the future of web development?


Well - people will have to develop Wix’s website, won’t they?


As well as Wordpress’s, among others.


Python at 7!!! At 7? How is that even…wow.
At 14 I was doing freelancing. Freelance work mowing lawns and chopping wood around the neighbourhood.


Thanks for the compliment!


I wrote my first BASIC program when I was 7.

Admittedly, it wasn’t very useful:

10 PRINT 'You are a bum face'
20 GOTO 10


Cool. Heard of BASIC, never tried it though.


It was all the rage when I was 7, playing around on my Sinclair ZX 128K Spectrum.


Haha, every kid of the 80s wrote a variation of that 2-line program.


The Vic-20 was a popular choice in my early childhood…Specs:
Processor: MOS 6502, 1 MHz.
RAM memory: 5 kbyte
ROM memory: 20 kbyte (Basic, Kernal, Characters)
Co-Processor Grafix and Sound: VIC
Connections: Expansion port, User port, Serial port, Datassette, Joystick, TV, Video, Sound, power supply.

With the VIC-20 Commodore ruled the home computer market. The VIC-20 was produced from 1980/1981 until 1984.

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I’m 27 today and started programming last year lol. If you are under 18 and know how to code you are in really really great shape😁


I learned pascal when I was 14 and it wasn-t as useful as any other modern web language.

It’s a beautiful amazing thing you want to learn to code, but HAVE A LOT , freak ton OF FUN!

Make friends, play soccer, basketball, go outside, and remember to keep a balance of great FUN, and discipline, and what I mean is, too much of anything can kill you.
This age is amazing for habit building, and to start experiencing a realistic view of the world, because you deeply believe ANYTHING is possible… AND IT IS!
Try to look up on Meditation, and play as much sports as you want.
Also, I swewar, SWEAR of God, if your mom and dad tell you to keep your room neat and tidy, IT’S FOR A GOOD REASON. She’s not trying to get on your nerves. A clean and tidy room will help your mind have peace and much more energy.

Damn, I wish someone would tell me this when I was 13.

All the best for you!!!


dude, you were a millionaire back then if you had that super machine!