Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?

Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?


the computers rich kids used to have…


anyone remember the windows 95 start me up commercial. it was lit back then. Man web development back then was riduclous. You had a .com you were rich


Boi I am starting a company called Database Corp with my friends. WE WILL TAKE OVER SILICON VALLEY!!! WOOOOOO!!!


Cool! If only I have friends who would code with me. You are blessed with good friends.


Yes but you won’t get paid for it so what i did when i was that age is put your own website for yourself out there and keep practicing and when you hit 16 work really hard getting a job at it. Enjoy these next 3 years learning the skill to perfect and then you can work at a decent job when you get older and work on your own side projects because you have mastered the basics early. Also it allows your to master coding quick and then if you want to try something else in college you can or you can get really good at computers and be great at AI design and other more complex stuff later if you really are into it when your 18 or 19. also mastering things early allows for you to be able to afford your own college by 19 by starting a great job when your 16. Get your site up put up some open source code up there that you did to show people. make sure it is your own work and be open to give up a few volunteer code projects to get your name out there and then a great job will come your way. :slight_smile:


Yes, that is 100% correct. So I have one quick question, will Microsoft turn me down if I apply there when I am 16, and I only have a full stack certification, along with other memorabilia. I am actually planning on making an operating system to make myself appeal. But you are right, I should use these 3 years to learn more and progress further into the field. Thanks, I appreciate it.


They had apple computers. Then they joined apple. Thats how Tim Cook got in.


they also had cheetos and mountain dew, legend says


cheetos? they had those back then in the dark ages


Yes. Not in the historical Dark Ages, but the time when computers were being invented.


Oh, so are you talking about the Grandpa ages. That makes sense.
The 90s’ were awesome, those were the bill gates ages.


And for some weird reason, all the teaching in the college in conjunction with programming in C++. What a blah blah language. Its going to be outdated soon.


Maybe… I don’t know much about it.


that depends on the labor laws in your country, you could start building your portfolio by working for the community around you, ie your school, any clubs your are part of etc.


I got a quick question:
So I fired someone from my company for copying our idea and being inactive for 30 days, and now he is going to report it to the conselour at our school. How can I deal with this and make my point stand?


I also learned how to program when I was young… but people were just doing it back then.


that makes sense. kids were coding in basic.bill gates was rolling in cash. steve jobs was screaming at people and firing them… the good old days


Well it is your company, you are allowed to fire him/her. Just he/her may be a good asset. It isn’t a good idea to fire people to often. Then you may have no-one on your company. If it is a club, then you can’t really fire anyone, and then the person you “fired”, would have good reason to tell the counselor. The only way your point can stand is if you have authority to fire him/her, and have a good reason for it. Hope that helped.


I agree with you, and actually when I fired him, I told him these exact words:

I dont like to fire people, but when the person of subject matter takes my ideas and lacks the skills that my boss demands, I have to do what I have to do. Sorry


That is fair, especially if the ideas were secret, and known only to you and your company.