Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?

Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?


True. bootstrap is good. BTW I JUST HIT 100 POSTS!!!

var posts = 100;

if (posts === 100) {
alert("im becoming a full stack developer!! Anyways, thank you for 100 posts, lets see if we can hit 150.")
} else {
alert("x amount of days left to go");
prompt("What does that code do?");


It alerts: “im becoming a full stack developer!! Anyways, thank you for 100 posts, lets see if we can hit 150.” and then prompts: “What does that code do?”. But it never alerts: “x amount of days left to go”, because posts is one hundred.


Nice, Quick question: For a full stack, would this be a good JS stack to follow
BTW, how do you get Admin on here? I am interested in becoming a staff


Well, I think that stack is pretty good, I use the last two everyday myself, but I don’t know what react is. My stack is the “MEN” stack: MongoDB (database), Express (server), and NodeJS (language). In answer to your next question: I have no idea. Make a new forum post if you are really interested - that way a lot of people can answer your question. Hope that helps!


Cool… that is interesting!


@r1chard5mith Thanks! I’m in the UK !


I was :smiley:. But now I am in LAND OF DA FREE!!! Or the You-nited States of America.



To add onto the original topic: Just turning 14 here (next week) and i’m nearly done the calculator project. With the knowledge from FCC i got accepted into a just built Vo-tech charter high school for computer science and some engineering. I also got into computer science at my current school (kinda impressed the teachers with my local weather app) and the knowledge from FCC has made it easy.

In that class we are doing block coding, but i try to do as much as possible in the JavaScript section which gives more freedom. We work with Micro:bit’s which are basically computer chips that can do basic stuff like tell light level, display text on 5x5 LED screen (moving), compass, and play music notes.

all of this happened in like 9 - 10 months, I signed up February 20th of last year, and started from there. I started doing it a lot more in the past 7 months, and seriously in the past 4 - 5.


Really cool! I’m impressed.


Wow! That is amazing. In my area there is a votech to, I am planning on making a few apps to submit there to impress some of the counselors at my current school. I agree with you, FreeCodeCamp has made it very simple. I started learning on Codecademy, then FreeCodeCamp, and now I am using Udemy.

I take a tech elective, and in class we do robotics, scratch programming, however I really try to focus more on my web developer stack: (they dont teach it)
Front end:

Back end:
Node.js - Language
Express.js - Server
MongoDb - Database


Cool! Almost the same, except no React.


Thanks everyone, should i learn react? Is it harder then JavaScript programming language?


You need a SOLID understanding of ES6 and ES2015. React uses a lot of state and props, it is pretty easy. BUT YOU MUST HAVE A SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF JAVASCRIPT


Is how far i am into the projects enough knowledge to learn React?


No. FreeCodeCamp is not enough to get you to react level. Go on Udemy and buy a few courses there, it will help you out like heck.


I only wish I had this opportunity at your age! I am sure it differs by State, but it may be possible to open your own business, most most definitely not work for an employer. Either way, keep with it. Good for you, by the way!


Yeah, any recommendations though? I want to get in react. Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please tell me if there are any good Git/GitHub courses you know of. Thanks! :smiley:


I just turned 14 a couple of weeks ago. I started programming at age 10 with python, and got into web development at about 12. I found out about FCC about two months ago, and I’m almost done with the javascript section. My question: Will a FCC certificate help me in getting stuff like internships?


When you mean the JS section- do you mean the challenges?

Anyways yeah, the more experience the better.


Hmm, Colt Steeles bootcamp has an entire section on that.