Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?

Can a 13 Year Old Become A Web Developer?


The certificate, no. You will need projects and actual apps. Sure, it helps, but I would reallt reccoment a college degree. Its the best way to get an internship.


It is not big though.


It does add some “spice” but not much.


Im 13 years old turning 14 this october my friends! Do you think Im capable of Learning HTML and CSS? or even a programming Language? Im kinda overwhelmed actually! its wide and Big! Seriously.


Yeah anyone can. I completed intermediate algorithm scripting before i was 14. All the challenges were given o you because they are possible for a new person. Surely it did take some help, mostly with basic algorithm scripting, but that taught me a lot about coding and has really helped me.

Watch tutorials by because he basically shows you how to do every project and you learn a lot.

There is a new thing called CSS grids to make responsive websites easy, like beginner easy. Check out


Dude. I just turned 13 and I am becoming a Node.Js full stack. I already know like 80% of the back end. IF I can do it, so can you!


I’m ten years old, and i’ve made lots of games i put them ll in a website i made to. to see them go here


Good job! Keep on going and you’ll get better.


have you thought of teaching other awesome kids to code like you do? and then publishing and bulding up a team to make a bigger more elaborated game?
my two cents


I started when i was 13.

I am currently 14, here is my codepen profile -->

Current project:

Its not impossible. Frustrating yes, but is it is very possible to learn and if you have the passion and patents you will grasp it.

The most important HTML/CSS thing you can learn is flexbox.

It is so helpful that you should start using it from the beginning.

Make sure you are always are happy with what you make. I spend a lot of time look at inspiration from various websites, breaking them down in order to learn how to make it myself.

Helpful tools i personally use:

I spend most of my time in project feedback, which has helped as i see what others do and use that to improve myself.


I am one of the 5 people that know how to code at my school. We all teach each other!


We should all start a discord group for younger devs. And nice portfolio my dude


BTW I made an HTML email!

Should I get a summer job when I’m 14 as an html email dev if I get better. And do any of the rest of you know html emails


I wouldn’t mind. I can help to review projects and stuff. :slight_smile:


Definitely! We should post a link on the forums and direct it at the younger crowd.


Hey, I am 13 years old programmer. I started when I was 12 and did html, css and javascript. Then I stopped for a year and here I am back again. I started programming like 2 weeks ago but I’m learning it really fast since I already know most of this content.

I would really like it if we had a discord for the younger devs and we could help each other out. I could help build it and review projects also. Anyway, tell me what you think @SamiTheNerd


What difference if an older or younger person reviews your projects?


No older mods can help review projects for the younger devs doesn’t matter


Actually, I’ve updated my stack since then. My stack is now the NEMO stack: NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and Others.



I started in high school with HTML4 and JavaScript back when it was lols. Even though I ended up abandoning it and not coming back until I was beyond college, there’s nothing in web development that a teen cannot learn.

Most of the complicated algorithms and data structures won’t even involve advanced mathematics that are beyond high school, and those that do won’t be found in your basic web app.

As to the FreeCodeCamp cert, there’s no accreditation here. However, I’d presume it would show a prospective employer that you’re willing to learn. But be prepared to back up that cert with actual examples of projects that you’ve built, because they won’t treat it like a diploma, if they give it any treatment at all.

This isn’t to say the cert is useless; it is not. It is a personal achievement. But an employer won’t take it at face value.