Can any one help me to find an alternative to overlay an html over html?

Can any one help me to find an alternative to overlay an html over html?


So what i’m trying to do is to use an html page as a background for another html… since i can’t nest them… i used another way via

Here is the code…
div {
    margin:0 auto;
iframe + iframe {

    <iframe src="project/index.html" scrolling="off" width="1368" height="1080" ></iframe>
    <iframe src="new/index.html" allowtransparency="true" scrolling="off" width="1368" height="1080"></iframe>

it’s working only on pc (locally via opening it in IE ) when i’m uploading to hosting… it’s not working… connection is getting refused////
please suggest another way…
and why iframes are not working on any hosting…???



I think this might be close to what you’re looking for. I’ve never done it before so I just google around to help find what you’re looking for.(Hope it helps)


@azdrian : i’ve used them but still… it’s refusing… i don’t know where is the fault… but one thing i’m sure off… is that… it’s not from client side… (tried with different user-agents and x-online-host)… still refusing… but thanks :slight_smile:


@ash3ax : No problem. :slight_smile: … Maybe its a problem on the hosting provider side.You can try uploading your project with GitHub Pages and see if it works there.


I don’t know if you already resolve this, but you can try to resolve this without an iframe, using JS.

You need to put something like:


<div id="test"></div>


I cleaned up your code.
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