Can anyone recommend a good JS course

Can anyone recommend a good JS course


I bookmarked your answer some time ago. Thanks for the post. Do you have any further recomdations since your original post on learning javascript? BTW I am really struggling with the dilemma of learning ES5, ES6, or both at the same time. Any advice there?


Hey there! First of all let me introduce you to this guide if you haven’t seen it yet:

I really don’t believe I could provide a better path for learning Web Development (specifically JS) than P1xt.

Secondly, I would like to suggest just not to think much about ES5, ES6, ES7 etc. All consequent versions just add features, they do not delete them (well if you use “use strict” mode which you should, some of deprecated features won’t be available there, or work very differently, but that is really old stuff). So basically everything you learn in ES5 applies further.

If you are struggling with Eloquent JavaScript, then I would strongly recommend you with going through You Don’t Know JS series. If you hadn’t tried it yet, believe me you will fall in love.

If you are struggling with not knowing what to build with your current knowledge, then go to:

  • - website full of tasks and tests to that tasks, so you can see how to test your functions while building them;
  • - online game, where you code the behavior of your “minions” with JavaScript and game’s API. You can really have fun with it, and learn algorithmical thinking;
  • - try out new Beta FreeCodeCamp;

And last but not least:
Complete everything in this book - Exercises for Programmers: 57 Challenges to Develop Your Coding Skills - by Brian P. Hogan

Hope I’ve helped you.


I “liked” your question, since I’m also looking foor better ways to learn JS.
I got a job offer few moths ago even though I just started coding this year, the job offer was via a friend of mine who oversold me big time. But I was honest and told the employer I had nothing to offer, he wanted to call again in a ‘couple’ of months and he wanted me to learn JS as much as i can in the meantime.
So i’ve almost been spending more time looking for good ways to learn JS than actually learning it.
I got a bit lost in the million ways to do it, i would advise to select a few and go with it, but hey, I’m not even close to finished so i can’t tell you if my way worked.
eventually I stuck with, they have great and clear courses followed by challenges, added a bit of humor wich never hurts. it’s $20,- p/m and very useful.
But now i’m hooked on FCC, I like it here!


Thank you for taking the time to get back to me.

I am currently working on the YDKJS chapters so it sounds like I am on the right track and I will try not to worry so much about ES6 for the moment and make the jump to it
when I feel ready to tackle it head on.


I’m taking this one on edX right now. Really great course that has helped me grasp concepts I was struggling with!


I would recommend the following courses by Udacity:

They are video driven courses and will help reinforce concepts, they are free of charge, they also offer a nano-degree program if you’d like to go that route.


Here’s what I like…all free
the Javascript Jumpstart and prep course by FullStack academy. Lots of videos. Actually explains the thought process behind coming up with basic algos. You’ll also get to implement your own versions of functions such as map and filter.

Hack reactor’s basic prep (do this after the Fullstack course). Tons of problems…then you work on creating test functions and skeletons.

more practice problems from
Do lots of little problems! That’s how to get all this stuff in your head was mentioned… it’s more advanced but if you’ve looked at references to map, filter, reduce and wondered what they were about, these videos from the course could help

interactive practice on those functions