Can I ask you guy's on an unrelated Question? This one is from Alexa.... How do I require the user to say there name?

Can I ask you guy's on an unrelated Question? This one is from Alexa.... How do I require the user to say there name?


Hi how you guy’s doing? "
Just have a question here,

so here is the Dialogue on what I’m after…

Alexa Open Talia…

Hi I’m talia your personal HealthCare Companion… just got to say you look good today…
also forgot what’s your name ?
//then here’s the tricky part how do I require the user to Say there name… Example

Example of the Dialogue…

Alexa Open Talia…

Hi I’m Talia…
What’s your name…

(User Dialogue)
Give me my {ItemName} today…// and the Skill will return error because I need the {UserName}
and the user just skip it.
so my question now is

How do I make the user say there name? …example of the Dialogue
(Talias Dialogue)
what’s your name…
(User dialogue)
Give me my {itemName}…
sorry I need to know your name before I can start helping you… //This is basically what I after.

(also is it using If statement or something I just need some help here.)
If( === 0) … then require reprompt?
or is there some thing I’m missing here?

because I have two options here

If(  === 0) { // I seriously don't know How to put the require here.
.....}// or is it  just a simple var  require = require(ssmlHelper.getUserName.value); either way I need help. 
else If( >0 ){


So I got so many thing’s in my Mind

Is this the best way to approach this ?

If (!required) { // as saying true or not

GetWelcomeDialogue: function () {…

or just


else if ( required !== 0) {
SpeechOutPut = "<speak> Sorry but I do need your name......"

response.ask(speechOutPut, reprompt);
`` `


The question is do you need their “real” name? E.g. to lookup a database for contacts in the past? People can always enter “XXX” or “QWERTY”. Does that hurt the functionality of your intention?

When you need their real name it is common that people have to login first with their password. If this is not the case, then I don’t see any reason people have to type their (real) name.

Suggestion: if people hit ENTER on your name question, then continue with “dear guest”.

I like to be invisible on the net in some cases. So, if you persist to know my name I will just click your site away.


nope I’m just going to trust them that they said there real name I kinda have that conversation in my mind
but I decided to trust them first.


also that’s a really good question…

But It’s a voice interface platform
and I’m using amazon’s brand (as the trusted authority so more likely (I would say 50% of the people will say there name) and of course they will definitely do that but it’s still going to be on there own cost

because the purpose of the skill, is to try to help them.

here’s the skill basic analogy… Randomize Positivity. (scratching my own itch here.)



Maybe you can repeat their name and ask if this is correct. When they have given a silly name then people (after hearing there own input) will correct this. The idea behind this is that people rather don’t want to tell a lie, that’s human behaviour. IF they are confronted with there untruth they perhaps want to correct it.


that’s another good question dude because sometime’s alexa will miss read how he hear use like

Talia for example alexa might will always miss pronounce it that’s why I’m just kinda hoping for the voice recognition to be better

thanks for telling me that I will Definitely do that.

also that’s not the problem I’m asking for but thanks…

I think I kinda (hint Word kinda) solve it, right now I’m just going to put the code

that will deliver the Intent Function inside the If(required > 0) if var required = require (

if not ( if(required ===0)
speechOutput = “sorry I didn’t here your name” or " {UserName} is this how you pronounce your name?";
I hope my code is write this time


Do you think that could work and solve the problem?


Add a "NewSession’ Intent to your code and another to capture the name {slot}. If that intent exists, it gets called first. So. something like this.
‘NewSession’ = function() {
//if the user exists move on else
userName = this.attributes[‘userName’]
if userName
// welcome them back
// ask for their name
this.emit(’:ask’, my name is, my name is
construct your utterances in the name capture intent to capture the name slot.