Can I "disable" the "feature" of every few challenges it asks me to donate money?

Can I "disable" the "feature" of every few challenges it asks me to donate money?


Every few challenges, I am faced with a pop-up:

As @deedee said here:

It’s really not practical to give your users a pop-up every few challenges, when they clearly don’t want to do more clicks per hour and get annoyed. There should be an option in preferences where you can disable this pop-up.


There is currently no way in settings to disable donation requests. There are browser extensions that make blocking it easy. You can create a GitHub Issue to raise the enhancement request to the volunteers who update and maintain FCC, but just so you know UX changes like this need approval from the Q man himself.


You can block popups from a site in most browsers but then you block all popups.
Not sure if there is an extension to block a specific popup.


@procode200 Approximately 90 seconds of google-ing yielded the answer to your question. Ad Block Plus allows you to selectively target elements to block.

Ad Block Plus Targets Specific Elements


I know that. But I thought blocking a pop-up might be different.


Hi @procode200, the best way to get these donation prompts to go away is to donate to our nonprofit :slight_smile: is a donor-supported nonprofit. Everything we do is completely free for everyone, thanks to the kind people who donate to support us. And this donation prompt is how we encourage people to donate to support us.

These occasional prompts after you complete a challenge are a respectful and transparent way of asking for support.


People who donate also see these messages too. Is that not the intended behavior?


Maybe it is an idea to have the donation prompts appear at each new section? And also to have the choice to make a one-time donation besides a monthly one?


It’s pretty easy to make a one time donation via PayPal. The first donation goes through immediately, and then you can cancel the recurrence in PayPal. I think that the entire process took me about six minutes.


If you are donating monthly to freeCodeCamp and still seeing the donation modal, please let me know. This is something we do in the database, but if you donate through the instead, we need to toggle that manually our database for you :slight_smile:

The donation popup still shows up even though I am already donating

please offer 1 time donation…and please stop this popups?


If you would like to do a one-time donation, you can do it via paypal by cancelling the recurring donation immediately. (I tested this and the whole thing from beginning to end took me less than 3 minutes.)

There are tools that you can use in your browser that let you customize how websites are presented and/or let you selectively block elements. You could use one of these to never see the popups.


Hi @QuincyLarson I am having issues with the donate popup. I signed up to donate about a year ago and pay the donations via paypal monthly using a separate email address from my github linked email. Should I PM you with my details?


Emailing [email protected] is the best way to figure out what’s going on with this sort of stuff.


Thanks for the help!


Please check my account! I donated through the linked web address and am still getting popups. The email for this forum and the main site are the same.


Hi, I am donating monthly but the donation modal shows up as regularly as before. Can you fix that please? Thanks. David


Hi, Quincy!
I have set up a monthly donation through paypal today. Modal for donation keeps showing up, though.
Help! :slight_smile:

p.s. That deck of cards looks promising!


I have donated in the past, and I’ve donated again today. Still seeing the popup. I don’t desire to donate monthly, but I feel that if a person donates to FCC they should have the option to see the modal less frequently or not at all.


My understanding is that this is a bug. Previously people who donated no longer got the popup, but that appears to be broken at the moment.