Can I learn Python on a mobile app?

Can I learn Python on a mobile app?


How can I learn python with mobile app

Anyone in here learn python, how to code python to be mobile app

Do want to learn Python to create a mobile app or do you want to learn Python on a mobile app?


Hyes you are right I want learn python beacuse I really don’t know


Free Code Camp focuses on teaching web development (html, css and JavaScript). You can check out our Python guide which is being developed to get you started.


Thanks for suggestion


Personally I dont think it is possibly to fully learn Python via just a mobile app.

Don’t get me wrong, they can be handy alongside other methods, especially SoloLearn which the Python course is actually quite good. However you can learn as much theory as you like, but when it comes down to it at the end of the day, you need a computer and a place where you can write programs and see what they do, whereas a mobile app cant really offer that.

Firstly, let me ask you. Why do you want to learn Python specifically? Its a fantastic language and opens up many doors, however you have posted about it on a course that focuses predominantly on HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

One of the best resources I can give you is Colt Steels course -
This goes through the fundamentals of Python and the final project is building a web crawler.


That’s cool thank you


Sololearn provides an awesome app to learn all kinds of pragramming languages on mobile devices!
You should definitely check that out in the app store!

Solo Learn