Can i pleez get help with my repl

Can i pleez get help with my repl


Help me!!!
I cant find out what the error is( python3)

  if tall == 7:
    number1 =float(input("velg prosent:"))
    print("Desimaltallet er:", number1 / 100)

PythonTutor found error in 1 sec


the error is in line 8 if u run the program


Unbalanced brackets where I said above :roll_eyes:

print("Desimaltallet er:", number1 / (100)

Why do you need to put 100 in parens anyway?


and i don’t need to


Sorry found the error and fixed it tnx slight_smile:
But why did it say the error was at line 99?


The code was waiting for the closing bracket.


Ooohhh. And tnx again


i just made it bette pleace take a look and tell me what you think


It does not appear the is embedding properly. Here is the link
link to


tnx and how did u know witch one it was


I looked at the link you tried to post and created a manual link for it.


and could u pleace have a look at it


What is the issue you are having?


i want some feed back. it is a school project


If you want feedback on your project, I suggest posting a link in the Project Feedback category of the forum and give a detailed explanation of what the purpose of your project is and what it is supposed to do and ask for comments/suggestions.

If someone wants to comment they will. You may need to give it a couple of days for a response, because this forum is mainly dedicated to JavaScript and not Python.


i will do so then