Can't copy-paste!

Can't copy-paste!

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Hi Guys! I am trying to copy google font, or anything else for that matter, and I can copy but there is no option to paste. Does anyone know what is going on?


could it be a problem within the fcc? it seems to be working everywhere else. what do i do?


Where are you trying to copy and paste to? Are you working on a specific FCC exercise? Also, what OS and browser are you using?


i can’t paste anywhere at all within ffc. i used to be able to. just came back to ffc after a long break. im using windows 7 ultimate and chrome browser? thank you


Silly question, but have you tried pasting with ctrl + v?


I did not…:flushed: it works. Thank you so much:joy:

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You’re welcome! I’m glad it’s working for you :smile:


thanks also :slight_smile:

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hey that worked fpr me too…thanks alot


cool bro,worked…

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