Can't login to FreeCodeCamp

Can't login to FreeCodeCamp

What the hell has happened to FreeCodeCamp !!! No consistency forum looks different to the homepage.

It seems to have gone from looking like a proper site to a basic site that a kid would code up.

Why has the login moved from the top right, to half way down the page, which is actually below the line on my laptop.

Why are the links so basic /news /forum /learn

I can’t login either via email or through GitHub which is how I signed up originally. What is going on?

If I try and login in with Google it makes a new account so I’ve lost all my progress. All other options to login don’y work.

Bad User Experience in my book. Get it SORTED asap.

for this issue, you will need to write to [email protected]
see this github issue for more:

there has been an huge update for the fifth anniversary, there has been some hiccups in the update, the developers are working as hard as they can to fix it

Ok i am on phone and can’t find new topic as i can in othrr categories. Seems i am not allowed to log in from my home ip address… So i have to use phone which aint going to work.

It’s not actually a problem with your IP address. It’s a problem with the forum software we use and the way that connections are proxied. Being unable to login to the forum is just a matter of bad timing.

Well, I cleared my cache and got in but honestly if that’s what I have to do every time… well, I guess it’ll mean I odn’t ask so many questions which is probably a good thing…

As I said before, it’s mostly an issue of timing right now. The forum software thinks that everyone is trying to login from the same IP address, so if you’re the millionth person coming from the same IP address it blocks you. There are some very smart and dedicated people working on solving this problem.

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Well, it would happen even when there were fewer than 50 users, and all the time, every day (granted only for 3 days but I tried at least 30 times each day). Glad to know people are working on it.

I’m still unable to login to the normal landing page.

If you’ve already tried clearing your freeCodeCamp session storage from your browser and still can’t login. Try emailing [email protected]. My understanding is that some people who had the bad luck to try logging in at just the wrong time during the update process ended up with accounts in a duplicate state. I know that this is frustrating, but please try to be patient after emailing. freeCodeCamp doesn’t have a customer service team, just a couple overworked contributors. Also remember to check your spam filter.