Cash Register not returning initial copy of array?

Cash Register not returning initial copy of array?


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I am passing all the tests except the last one. It should return initial copy of the cid parameter but it looks it doesn’t.

I’ve used

let cidCopy = [...cid];

and returning cidCopy,

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function checkCashRegister(price, cash, cid) {
  let cidCopy = [...cid];
  let returnArr = [];
  let subtracted = 0;
  var change = cash - price;
  let length;
  let val;
  console.log("change is : " + change)
  // Adding to the array their monetary conversions
  //Adding to the array how many coins are available for each unit
  for(let i=0; i<cid.length; i++) {
    cid[i].push(Math.round(cid[i][1] / cid[i][2]));

  for(let i=cid.length-1; i>= 0; i--) { //starting from 100 bill to down.
    if(change > cid[i][2]) { //Iterate through every subarray by its value in numbers
          length = cid[i][3];
      for(let j=1; j<=length; j++) {
        val = cid[i][2];
        if(change >= val) {
          change -= val;
          change = change.toFixed(2);
          cid[i][1] = cid[i][2] * j;
      returnArr.push([cid[i][0], cid[i][1]]);

  console.log(change === 0.00);

  if(change < 0.01) change *= 100;


  if(change > 0)
      return {
        status : "INSUFFICIENT_FUNDS",
        change : []
  else if(change === 0)
    return {
        status : "CLOSED",
        change : cid

    return {
      status : "OPEN",
      change : returnArr

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What did you get from console.log(change === 0.00)?

I suspect it printed false, did it?

You may be a victim of floating point rounding error and this is a great opportunity to learn about it

For example: 0.1 + 0.2 === 0.3, is this true? Try it and see

So if this is the only problem with the code, (not sure if it is but I suspect so), then you’re probably wondering how to fix this.

If you multiply all the values involved by 100, as in a penny becomes value 1 etc, you can avoid the floating point errors - you just have to be careful about converting them back for the final answer

Edit: Another way you could have found out something was amiss is to wrap checkCashRegister(...) at the end with another console.log, you’d have seen the status being "OPEN"


Thanks, floating point is a good place to start debugging.


the problem is that you are failing the last test right?
That’s because you give a status of OPEN versus CLOSED in the last test.


Alright, I reflected the change to the current code that is being displayed. It is printing out CLOSED but still is returning modified array. Do you know why?


yeah I just realised why

you are using the spread operator to copy cid but that is a shallow copy only.
You need to actually loop through the array of arrays to copy each item properly (like using a map or a foreach)


Ahh yes, I think it may be a case of shallow vs deep copying

cid is a nested array, but spreading it makes a copy of an array of references

Edit: sniped by @hbar1st


Hm ok,

I used below ways to do deep copying and variable cid (The unmodified parameter) is still returning modified array.

  let cidCopy = [];
  for(let i=0; i<cid.length; i++) {

let cidCopy = => val);

Am I missing something?


The spread operator allows you to copy one level of array

Perhaps you intended to do push(...cid[i]) ?

Edit: why did you do the map afterwards? that doesn’t make sense to me


I didn’t use map afterwards, I just posted it up there to show that one after another didn’t work.

I don’t think I asked my question clearly. I am not trying to return the copy of cid when status is closed but I am just trying to return the initial given cid parameter… but instead it’s returning what looks like cidCopy which has been modified.

    return {
        status : "CLOSED",
        change : cid


well yeah cid has been modified by your code…
you don’t see that?

To make a deep copy of the cid array use this instead

  let cidCopy = [];
  for(let i=0; i<cid.length; i++) {


I think it’s me that’s not being clear, my bad

if you attempt to copy cid into cidCopy with just cidCopy = [...cid] you get an array of references to the inner arrays of cid inside cidCopy

When you modify a subarray of cid you modify it also in cidCopy (and vice-versa)

If you use a method to deep copy cid then modifying either doesn’t affect the other one

This means you have to copy the subarrays, as the spread operator creates whats known as a shallow copy as in it copies the elements of a single level only.


@hbar1st @gebulmer

Thanks guys for your responses, you’ve been very helpful. I think you gave me enough hints for me to figure it out on my own :slight_smile: