Certificate Courses for Web Dev

Certificate Courses for Web Dev


I’m currently a support executive in IT. I’m thinking of moving towards of Web Development/Development. I was thinking of doing any cert., course that might have some advantage in getting the job. I also saw exams like
https://www.comptia.org. But I think these exams are more helpful for OPS and not for development.

Kindly share your thoughts on these and also on any other certifications. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


There are no industry certifications for development the way that there are for IT roles (security, administration, etc).


Best certificate you can have is a portfolio of work/personal projects


There are two things you need to know - completely understand your field (computer science - C/C++, and the languages you’ll be using on a daily basis - such as html/css/javascript) - complete all certs from freeCodeCamp - at that point Get Interviewed , Be Prepared and Make A Good Impression and as you keep persisting in different interviews you’ll eventually get hired. Beyond that if you want some sort of guarantee for a job, while it won’t be easy and it’ll be expensive as well but get a computer science degree - it’s the only thing that’s better than any of the online certifications, bootcamp, etc that’ll make an impact on whether you get a job.


There are two types of degrees that brick and mortar universities offer now of days: Computer Science and Information Technology. Which degree should the original poster get?


Computer Science. It will benefit, by far, a lot, more when applying for jobs. I’m working on getting one over the next probably six years of my life (2 year community collage then transfer to 4 year university for actual computer science degree), it’ll be long and will not be easy but I will benefit professionally from it so to me at least it’s worth it.


What about the AWS,Azure cloud cert., will these give us some benefits?


Maybe - are you working for AWS/Azure Clouds Directly - are you applying to a Cloud Engineering job? In that case maybe, but if you just want to be a software developer then no.


I think the thing to keep in mind, as you are an IT professional interested in web development, is that there are no certifications in web development. There are certificates, yes…simply meaning we get a certificate for completing a course, but its not the same as being certified that IT requires… The only possible equivalent to an IT certification is a portfolio…

To be super blunt, there is zero value in certifications in development…Even a degree in Computer Science wont help if you dont have the right skills. All the the value is in what you learn and your ability to demonstrate that knowledge.

While an IT resume with certifications is enough to get you an interview, its just not so in development. Even if you look good on paper, they will look at your portfolio and Ive heard, also your github to see examples of your code. If they dont like what they see, theres will be no interview…nothing you put in your resume will make up for that.

So dont chase certificates, chase knowledge…chase opportunities to create projects you can show perspective employers…cause that is what will get you in the door.


thanks for your replay :slight_smile: