Challenge(Sum All Odd Fibonacci numbers) page is Bricked

Challenge(Sum All Odd Fibonacci numbers) page is Bricked


Hey guys, I don’t know where to ask for help regarding this. I was writing the code for Sum All Odd Fibonacci numbers. But when I tested this part of the code the first time the page just hung up on me. And now even if I reload the page or open it from another tab, It just doesn’t work. Maybe my code did something wrong. Please help me.
Also the mouse is not showing the text pointer over the editor, so I can’t clear my code.
And none of the buttons on the page are working on this tab or whenever I open this challenge on any other tab. So basically the page is bricked.


You have created infinite recursion.

FCC uses an infinite loop protection, but it can’t catch every case.

If you don’t want to lose your work, try disabling auto run.
Another option is to clear the challenge data from your browser cache. This will cause you to lose any code you have written so far.

The question freezes my computer!
Reset Code Problem

@ArielLeslie I use Vivaldi which is very much a less-memory consuming Chrome. But the developer tools doesn’t have the Resources tab to clear the Browser Cache. Thanks though, as I figured from this that the issue is browser dependent. So I completed my challenge on Safari now.