Chat Forum at Git Hub

Chat Forum at Git Hub


Good afternoon everyone. Somebody please guide me on how to join the online chat in the main website. I have registered on git hub but I am lost on how to join. Give me the directions please. Thanks much.


Click "Chat" on the top, -> click "Start Chatting" on the bottom, new window opens. Click "Sign In to start talking". Click "Sign in with GitHub" -> click "Authorize application"


Thanks, but I cant even see the start chatting button! I get just the chat page only.


At the bottom it is written: Only Git Hub users can use this room.


Then go to your freecodecamp profile and there should be button “Add GitHub” or smth. like that


Where is Start Chatting, I cant see it.


Did you add GitHub to your freecodecamp profile?


How does one add it to the profile


Where is the profile. I will try that.


Upper right corner, next to number in brackets e.g. [1]