Check out our first project of FCC

Check out our first project of FCC


Hi, I’m so excited that I’ve completed my first project at FCC. I was in stuck But At last I did it So, please give me some priceless Feedback it will be appreciated.



Nice one! Is simple and with good taste!

Keep up the good job!


Thank’s @AdrianJ for your valuable feedback I will convert it to feed forward and I’m happy that you have checked my project!


Of course Elon Musk deserves it! Nice page, I like the thing with the blue letter for each bulletpoint, just watch out the grammar (as I also sin a lot in that) for example in the codepen name and the word “stoped”.


Thank’s for you value feedback I’m open of mind I really appreciate on that to tell me about my mistake which I made but I don’t know what your mean, Are you talking about project’s name or my profile name.

Cheer you!


Thank you too for giving value to them, and you can see the mistake in the project’s name.

Have a nice day!